Mickleton Meeting is collecting:

All Stamps – domestic & foreign

Almost all stamps are valuable, although some have greater value, particularly those from foreign countries. The new domestic Forever stamps that are currently being released are also valuable. (See below for instructions)

Baseball Cards

Coin Collections

Box Tops for Education

Picture Postcards in their entirety

First Day of Issue covers (envelopes) dated prior to 1950

Historical paper including photographs, documents, prints, autographs, etc

Greeting cards, birthday cards, Valentines, etc. from the early 1900s



Very old letters – do NOT remove stamps (donate complete envelopes)

Foreign mail – include the complete envelope (stamps attached)

Domestic mail postmarked prior to 1946 – include the complete envelope

Domestic stamps (other) – cut stamps from envelopes with 1/8” to 1/4” of paper around the stamp

Do NOT soak stamps off the paper.

Do NOT save postage meter stamps, ‘non-profit organization’ stamps, US Flag stamps, Liberty Bell Forever stamps, ‘presorted’ stamps (they are all worthless)


Drop off items at Mickleton Friends Meeting on Sunday mornings between 11am & 12 noon, OR mail the items to Mickleton Friends Meeting, P.O. Box #231, Mickleton, New Jersey 08056-0231. Please use only commemorative stamps when mailing items to the Meeting. There’s a box labeled ‘Stamps’ in the Meeting’s worship room for the stamps, envelopes & other items listed above.

Periodically Mickleton Meeting will send the stamps & other collectibles to Claremont Friends Meeting in California for Quaker Missions West to sort, package & sell the stamps & other collectibles to collectors.

If you have any questions, please phone Bob Horvay at (856) 223-5111 or e-mail him at travel.quake@verizon.net and copy gh.qlib@verizon.net.



If you’ve relatives &/or friends overseas, ask them if they’ll be ‘collectors’ in their neighborhood &/or company. Ask businesses that receive a lot of bill payments by mail to give you the envelopes with commemorative stamps. Ask friends &/or relatives who receive foreign mail to let you have the envelopes with the stamps. Check old suitcases, steamer trunks, foot lockers, etc.



Via this project, Quaker Missions (now Quaker Missions West) has donated well over $90,000 to Right Sharing of World Resources, Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC), Palestinian Refugee Children Play Center (Ramallah), Monteverdi Friends School (scholarships), Lugulu Hospital (Kenya), Quaker United Nations Office, Project Lakota (St Louis Friends Meeting), Quaker Earthcare Witness (formerly Friends Committee on Unity with Nature), African Great Lakes Initiative, Quang Ngai Rehabilitation Center (Vietnam), American Friends Service Committee, Friends Committee on National Legislation, to name a few. In all, more than 100 different ‘Good Works’ have received financial help.

The seed for this Quaker Missions Project was planted at New England Yearly Meeting in 1996 during a workshop about FWCC. Brad Hathaway, a retired stamp dealer from Mattapoisett Friends Meeting in Massachusetts, began that year to collect and sell stamps for Quaker Missions. The intent was to sell collectibles to raise money for FWCC and worldwide “good works” sponsored by Right Sharing of World Resources, International Quaker Aid and others. The funds raised were designated to help people of all races and all faiths who were in need all over the world. With help from a committee at his meeting, Brad was able to send thousands of dollars to many Quaker service projects. In 2009, Brad was forced to discontinue his service due to ill health, but the project is being continued by Earl Walker of Claremont Friends Meeting in California.