Beyond Complicity: Awakening Anti-Racist Intentions A Series Toward Racial Justice and Fearless Faithfulness

Event details

  • Sunday | November 19, 2017 to Thursday | October 19, 2017
  • 11:30 am

                                   Public Invitation

Hosted by:      Mickleton Friends Meeting,

413 Kings Highway (Rt 551), Mickleton, NJ


Toward:           Awakening Anti-Racist Intentions, by examination of:

  • what racial injustice might look like; feel like;
  • how societal structures might be perpetuating racially divisive ways of living;
  • where Truth and revelation might call for our loving actions.


When:               ~ 11:30 a.m., rise of worship and fellowship



                                             October 15, 2017

Martin Luther King Jr., Friends General Conference 1958 Keynote Address and discussion.


                                             November 19, 2017

Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address –  an orientation of gratitude and expression of peace, appreciation of Mother Earth, and embrace of all people as family, recognizing diversity as a gift.


                                             January 21, 2018

Documentary film:  “13th” by director Ava DuVernay explores the connections between the 13th Amendment to end slavery and the growth of mass incarceration of black men to maintain the American racial and social order.

                                             February 18, 2018

We Are Still Here: The Tribal Saga of New Jersey’s Nanticoke and Lenape Peoples by J. R. Norwood Through authentic, contemporary voice this comprehensive summary provides perspective on the three inter-related tribal communities of southernmost Jersey and Delaware, the people who have remained on their homeland ever since Western European immigration.


                                             March 18, 2018

Welcoming All: Micro Aggression Training:  Two members of Mickleton will lead our community in understanding and responding to microaggression, a subtle and often unintentional action that offends a person from a non-dominant group.


                                             April 15, 2018

The Philadelphia Experiment: A Lost World (1600-1680) – For centuries, the land that will become Philadelphia is home to the Lenni Lenape people. By the late 1600’s, their lifeways were devastated.


                                             May 20, 2018

Book Club: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.  This young adult fiction offers readers insight into the realities and complexities of police violence from the point of view of a young black woman. 


                                             September 16, 2018

Documentary film: Doctrine of Discovery: Unmasking the Domination Code directed by Sheldon P. Wolfchild (Dakota,) co-produced by Steven T. Newcomb (Shawnee, Lenape,)  a landmark documentary.